Software Development

Our dedicated team of software developers develop innovative solutions to address challenges faced by businesses on a day to day basis. This is through simple and easy to use applications.


We provide expert advice to our clients with regards to the most effective and efficient systems to use in their business.

System Integration

We strive to ensure that our systems work in perfect harmony with the other applications through use of recommended integration protocols.

Customer Support

Our dedicated service & support desk is accessible on a 24/7/365 basis to address any enquiry.

We are just a phone call away……..!

Biometric Systems

Smart Applications is a leading ICT provider of biometric solutions offering a wide range of solutions that include:

  • Automated Medical Scheme Management Solution
  • Time & Attendance Solution
  • Canteen Management Solution
  • Identity Management Solution

Data Analysis

We empower businesses to make informed decisions through provision of meaningful interpretations to data. Our cutting edge technology and analytics tools deliver business intelligence.

Smart Cards

Our biometric smart card utilizes certified contactless smart card technology. The cards have an embedded microprocessor chip. These comply to the recommended ISO standard 1443B for contactless cards, a higher standard to version ISO7816. This capability makes the smart cards versatile for use in multiple applications such as:

  • Access to medical services
  • Access to meals at canteen
  • Time & Attendance
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