Biometric Identification Management Solution

The Smart BIMs can be applied to a wide range of solution areas including financial services customers records in banks and insurance companies, student information management, licensee information amongst many others. You have accurate customer and employee information management at your fingertips

To ensure accurate customer identity management, Smart BIMS allows you to:

  • Capture correct customer & employee information authenticated by their biometrics
  • Grant access as required to the correct persons through full proof biometric validation
  • Give specific licenses and permits, allow safe due remittances to the rightful persons
  • Maintain and manage accurate records of customer information (KYC) and staff information
  • Smart Time & Attendance Solution

    The Smart Time and Attendance solution safeguards an organizations most important resource. This allows you to: Smart T&AS gives you:

  • Tracking of staff reporting and exit time
  • Enhanced Security
  • Ease in report generation for Human Resource function
  • Smart Canteen Management Solution

    Access to meals has never been easier and accurate. Smart CMS allows you to:

  • The solution only grant access to meals through an elaborate biometric validated member registration and authentication process
  • Maintain controls of access to meals and agreed time limit
  • Eliminate duplication and impersonation
  • Reconcile payroll to consumptions per unit/call center
  • Smart Customized Biometric & IT solutions

    Smart as an IT Solutions developer and integrator gives you Customized IT Solutions for:-

  • Validated biometrics access to essential services
  • Secure End to end workflow management systems on essential services
  • Data gathering, reporting and analytics from these essential services Let us partner with you to deliver secure, easy and fast access through transformative ICT to your institution.
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